Welcome to our Initiative

Welcome to our initiative. We are concerned educators and citizens advocating for worker rights across Ontario. Bill 115 has stripped teachers and education support workers of their democratic right to collectively bargain, instead imposing unfair terms and contracts. The Canadian Civil Liberties have regarded Law 115 as, “an unprecedented attack on the civil liberties and constitutional rights of educational workers.”

The government has exploited Bill 115 politically to their advantage, imposing a bill that strips workers of their rights and then cynically repealing the bill to prevent political repercussion. The imposition and repeal of Bill 115 by the government has set a dangerous precedent for all workers. With the power to impose a set of terms and working conditions without debate, the government is setting the scene for the rise of undemocratic practices in the work force.

While putting a halt on extracurricular activities is not ideal for students or teachers, it has become essential for workers to stand up and fight for a democracy that is fading. Columnist for Intelligencer.ca, Collin McKay writes the following… “To do nothing is implicit agreement or acceptance of the government putting itself above the law. Standing up for what you believe in comes with a price, and many will misrepresent standing up to abuse of power and for democracy by spinning and shifting the debate.”